Mar 29, 2017

Things Change

I forgot this blog for such a long time. The idea was to move it along with the website to a platform where I'd have more room for posts and for a gallery, but I decided to close it instead. I post most of my progress pictures on Instagram which has its limits compared to a blog, but it's much faster to update. So, if you enjoy seeing what I'm up to, please do follow me there:

A lot has happened in the meantime!
I finished a huge Animal Atlas that will be published in September by Flying Eye Books. Here's a preview of the cover. It was on display at the book fair in London, so I think it is safe to show you. It was and incredible project! As we'll get closer to that date, I will also launch a brand new portfolio which will include my wildlife art alongside my usual children's book work.

At the moment I'm working on another book with an old client of mine, Editions Milan. Thanks to their editorial director I developed some old characters we used on a book cover years ago. It all started with some sketches that eventually became four original stories written by me. We are hard at work on a big book that will include all the stories and a load of art. Here's a little preview. I'm especially excited about it. I like to focus on one large project rather than many small ones. It can be challenging for different reasons, but gives me enough time on the artwork and it's what I enjoy the most.

Though I'm never happy in one place. I've never been an illustrator with a single style and while there are limits to what you can do, I accepted the fact that I need to change every few years. It's never a jump in the dark though, it's rather a slow process that happens in my spare time and eventually becomes something I can work with.

Lately I've been experimenting with a lot of different things, mostly traditional techniques: watercolors, colored pencils, graphite and oil glazing.

And after spending a fortune on fabulous art supplies, I fell in love with cheap biro pens!
This character is the start of something that hopefully with take shape in the following months.

Last but not least, the blog will close in September, but a new Etsy shop with prints will open very soon. I hope you'll follow along on Instagram to see where my illustrations will go. After many years working as an illustrator, it's time for me to hop into a new season!