May 15, 2009

One more little mermaid

I've been neglecting my blog and the beautiful blogs I follow, one more time! Argh!! I got lost preparing a couple of illustration contests here in Italy and managing my creative time is always hard for me. I'm also trying to gather all the infos for some international contests that are still running. I'll post the links soon, just in case others are interested. Until then, here's is one more little mermaid... apparently she's still haunting my sketchbook and sneaked in again.


Faruffa said...

Ma che bello un tuo nuovo disegno!!! e lei è così tenera e delicata, un amore, brava :o)

Roberta said...

She's lovely.... I'm glad you found your way back to your blog. I really missed your posts!

sheree said...

i really love the black and white drawing of your mermaid! and of course, i LOVE your swine flue free piggie!!!

nila said...

Gaia, your drawings are's nice how you explore the more beautiful side of things.

kelly said...

she really is adorable. i love your sketches!