Sep 27, 2010

A tiny maiden and some good news

I've been very lazy with blog updates. I share a lot of what I'm currently working on via Twitter and often forget to come here. There are a few good news I'd like to share and a couple of new images I can show.

I finished my entries for Bologna Children's Book Fair Annual Exhibit.
I'm very happy with the outcome, but I don't have high hopes of being selected. There's a lot of competition, many talented artists submitting and maybe a preference for less conventionally "cute" subjects. I was selected a long time ago and would be nice to enter again, but it will be just as nice to have my free pass and visit every day next year. You can see all the illustrations in my Flickr album here.

Also, I signed with american artist representative Tugeau2 (link here) and my page is now up on their website. I'm very happy and it is a big step for a small italian illustrator like me. I received some very helpful advices and feedback on my work and all I can say is that they are incredibly helpful and nice. Great people to work with.

At the beginning of September I also received my free copies of "100 Histoires", the book I worked on for Edition Lito last spring. Their website is currently undergoing a makeover so it's not visible online yet. I will post pictures soon. It's a very nice book, illustrated by 8 different artists and divided into sections. Mine has 14 double spreads.

Last but not least, I decided to join the SketchbookProject 2011 (link here). You can see what it is all about by visiting the website and I will do my best to post a few updates. In the meantime I created an album on my Flickr account where I'll post pictures regularly (or so I hope!)


Oksancia said...

Wow! This is great news, Gaia! :) Congrats!!! Such a sweet tiny maiden! Good luck with the entries and a new representative! :)

Marloes de Vries said...

Wow, those illustrations are great!!

alkemilla said...

La donnina piccina picciò è trooooooppo carina!!!!

Lusilla said...

Very cute ilustrations and fantastic colours.

Charles Santoso said...

Great news, Gaia! All the best with everything :D

Jenny said...

Your work is absolutely fantastic. I found your site through the TheyDrawAndCook website.. I really hope they feature you in their book!! :D