Jul 2, 2012

Luna waits.

Patience is a virtue I don't have. I become restless every time I walk into a waiting room or a post office. If I expect an email, phone call or parcel, after a short amount of time, I always consider a bad scenario (the AD hated my roughs, I'll loose my voice by the time the phone rings, the parcel with contracts will be eaten by Morlocks.)
Yet, my friends think I am the opposite and sometimes they push me in one direction or another. Maybe because I tend to be very patient with those I care for. I can wait for quite a while.
The past six months were all about work and friends. Old ones returning, new ones and those who have always been near (answering my crazy emails or talking to me on skype during late nights of work.) In a case or two I got tired of waiting and I left, feeling as if I had nothing more to say or give. Maybe they will return one day.

On a work related note, "La Strada di Cioccolato" is finished and in the hands of Edizioni EL. It will be printed later this fall. I'm looking forward to a much needed holiday and then I will go back to work with a fresh mind. 
Two nice book projects came in from France in the past three weeks. I'm very happy and excited for both, as they are very different. One is quite challenging, I'm working on the layouts at the moment.
My experience with children's publishing in France is very positive so far. Beautiful books, very nice teams of editors and a lot of creative freedom. The boardbook I've illustrated for Editions Auzou earlier this year, will be published next Fall. You can see a little preview here

There's also another "french surprise" that I can't say much about for now, but will be revealed in September. I hate to keep this under wraps and I usually don't write this sort of mysterious posts, but it's a small dream come true for me. I'm very happy about it!
September will also be busy on the italian front, as I will be working on a new title for EliReaders.
This time, a classic for their Young Adult selection. It's an exciting project, that will give me the opportunity to draw more grown-up characters and explore new colouring techniques.

A crazy, non-stop six months so far. I'm grateful, happy and surprised... I've waited for good things to happen and they finally arrived.