Sep 10, 2013

Knit & Purl

Finally Autumn! The weather is now lovely in Italy as well. I couldn't be happier. I'm all for rain and woolly hats.

I grew up in a family of avid knitters. I went to school wearing jumpers with my initials hidden in complex and colorful jaquard patterns. I remember playing with my Mom's box of buttons and long hours spent choosing colors at the yarn shop. I loved it all... My only big frustration was that the ladies in my family are all left-handed, except for my Nan. Learning to knit from them was quite difficult for me and I often felt a bit left out! Now I'm not as productive as they are, but I do enjoy knitting, whenever I have the time...

This is the front and back of a notebook for knitting and sewing patterns that I have illustrated for La Marelle. If you are visiting the Fair Maison&Objet currently in Paris, this is part of their new collection alongside several new cards I did for them. I will eventually update the portfolio to show all this new work.

Do I have time to knit these days? I wish!
I'm hard at work on new books again. I've just finished a little soft cover for Edizioni EL and I'm currently working on a new picture book with Editions Fleurus. I'm very excited about this new collaboration that will stretch until late April 2014. I can't say much yet, but the stories and books I am doing with them are varied and all very fun. Not to mention, very well printed! 

I look at my stash of yarn and hope to finish at least that pair of mermaid gloves I've started in 2010 and left halfway done!