Dec 10, 2013


End of 2013. Happy to see it it go, the little trickster!
I'm not too fond of Christmas, but I like the atmosphere of new beginnings and expectations of this season. There are so many things I'd like to do with my spare time next year. I'd like a good, rewarding personal project. Or maybe more than one. I'd like to collaborate more with other artists. I'd like to finally use my shiny, new passport…
Whatever happens, I hope 2014 and those who will share their time with me, won't let me down as this past year in many occasions did.

There will be new books coming out soon. Some I'm currently working on, some are being edited as I type. I've been very lucky in the past two years, but we all know how freelancing life can change very quickly sometimes.
If you go on social networks these days, you'll find plenty of bragging and recipes for success. 
The 10 Rules to be a Pro, The 12 Rules to be Published, The Top 10 Rules to make a Perfect Portfolio, The 20 Rules to keep an Illustration Blog, The 9 Rules to stay creative during a flood...
The only good rule for me is that you must keep doing. There are so many talented people out there and however good things are at the moment for you, ignoring the rest is a big mistake. I like to know where I am and what my limits are. As my friend Silvia says "If I lock myself into my closet, there I'm the biggest illustrator in the world!" (go have a look at her new portfolio!)

I've seen some great small ventures taking off with enthusiasm and creativity this year. I greatly admire those who started something different, without following any rule and enjoying the process.

Ben&Fi are designing beautiful fabrics objects - BTI Collection
Edith and her husband just released a lovely app for kids - MrFox&Friends
Robin started a new interactive comic - St.Georgia

Trying new things is what I've missed the most recently, maybe next year I'll take this chance...
Sometimes you just have to jump and hope for a soft landing.

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Maria Bogade said...

I can so much relate to what you say, Gaia! I hope that 2014 holds for you the things you yearn for and I so much hope we will meet in Bologna!!!! I will be there, will you ;-)! Enjoy the season and I look very much forward to all you have up your sleeve!