Mar 25, 2014


April 11th is the release date for my ABC book. Published in France by Fleurus Editions, it's the first project where I had the challenge of drawing different types of vehicles, including bikes!
It's the story of Adrien, a firefighter who helps saving a farm and its animals during a thunderstorm.
Each double spread has a letter of the alphabet with three little vehicles and a full page illustrating the story. It's very nicely printed and the die-cut cover makes it even nicer.

You can see more images from the book under Featured Project ---> Mon Alphabet des Véhicules


Francesco Zito said...

Ecco perché nello stand della Fleurus non l'ho trovato..lo cercavo dappertutto! Comunque complimenti, dev'essere mio :D

storygirl said...

Gaia, your work is very beautiful - I love your colour palette. I found you through a linked in suggestion -are you also on dribbble?

I'd love to connect via linked in - my website is also if you'd like to take a look
Good luck with your new developments and best wishes