May 26, 2014

Paper wings

I've finished my commissions and summer break is around the corner. If I could build myself a huge paper crane, I'd fly away and explore new places. There are so many new and old friends I'd like to meet. Unfortunately, I have a lot of planning to do in the following weeks, both for work and for my future life. Planning, saving and dreaming things up!
I always fear changes, big and small, but I also hate being stuck. When something doesn't work for me, when I feel I'm out of place or held back, I become restless… This should be the last blog update for a while. I'm struggling to give my portfolio an update and a new look. Me and web design are not good friends and it's a frustrating process.

I leave with good news! I'm now represented in the U.S. by the super lovely Teresa Kietlinski at Prospect Agency. This is a big change. I'm happy and very lucky. It's a new journey ahead!

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