Dec 18, 2014

2015 - What goes in your box?

Many of my friends and illustration peeps are posting about their new year's goals. Today I sat with a cup of coffee and realized I couldn't write my usual long list of resolutions! The truth is, I don't have any plans for the new year. Actually, I do have some, but they look more like a schedule and a way to keep my life a bit organized. This past 2014 was like nothing I expected. I can't really say it was all bad, but it certainly was in many ways disappointing. It was a good year for work though and this is what this blog is about.

Rather than resolutions, I have hopes for 2015 and it's a good way to start:

- I hope to be in Bologna for the Book Fair next spring and meet many of the illustrators I regularly talk to via social media or emails. Are you planning to go? Drop me a line or look for a bright red head in the crowd and say hi. Chances are, you'll find me a lot more shy and quiet than you expected!

- I'd love do illustrate a cookbook! Or any other format that will need illustrated food. It doesn't have to be for kids only. I will add a section to the portfolio, but while time for personal work is always limited, I'd be happy to work on samples if anyone is interested. So, get in touch if you have a similar project on the go (recipe book, food packaging, bento boxes ect.) Let's talk!

- I hope to finish at least a dummy book this year. I've never really considered myself an author/illustrator. While this is so important to many, to me it was always a secondary thing. I'm not sure I can be, to be honest, but over the years I've filled a folder with storybook ideas. It's time to find out if this is meant to be or not... 

- I want to take a screenprinting class next summer. I don't know where and when yet, but it's a big hope. If you are taking a class or know of a good place for beginners, please get in touch. I will be able to travel around Europe for it.

Mostly, I will let 2015 open to possiblities. To good things, nice people, fun collaborative projects, unexpected and interesting ideas. Teach me something I don't know, surprise me!

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