Aug 11, 2015


No updates for eight months is unsual on my blog. I've not disappeared, I've been working on different projects. Some I can share, others are still waiting to be published. Mostly, I'm trying to find a bit of time to design my website properly, which means also taking down a lot of my older work. Not the ideal task for the summer with 40°C!

I'd like to share the illustrations from this italian edition of Snow White, though. It was one of my favourite projects this year. I love classic fairytales. I hope one day I'll have the chance to illustrate a  Brothers Grimm collection. Dark and scary...
I don't always include so many images from the same book on the portfolio, but in this case I have trouble choosing.

The book is published by Edizioni EL an italian house I work regularly with. I believe good books are made by good synergies - I like the editors at Edizioni EL and always enjoy working with them. Good communication and lovely people. Special thanks to Silvia Genovese and Gaia Stock.

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Cat said...

This illustrations are really wonderful, no wonder you couldn't choose but I guess that's a sign that you really enjoyed this work. Congrats on this beautiful book.
Just saw the work you submmitted to GTS in 2013 and I love it so much, what a fantastic job.